Thursday, April 10, 2008

Query Query Query

I am sending in my first query this week.  I am pretty nervous.  You can say that you are a writer for years but to actually put your work, your baby, part of who you are, out in the world to be judged, can be frightening. The person who reviews your work does not know you, is not your friend, and does not love you. The most terrifying prospect is that this person will tell you the truth.  To never submit is to never have to face the possibility that you really suck as a writer.  

One of my Affairs of the Pen writing friends gave me a kick in the butt this week to submit my children's picture book story to an agent she knows.  I have a query, but it is not very creative and the submission guidelines request a creative query.  When your book is only 79 words long, how creative can you get?  My goal is to have my query ready to send out by tomorrow night.  I will send it to my hubby and a few friends to review before I send it off.  

I wrote Gramma's Lake house years ago, originally as a poem. When my children were small, I changed it into a picture book format for my daughters.  Every summer they spent a few weeks at my Grandmother's lake cottage from the ages of two until my Grandmother passed away last year.   Annika loves the book, but Bryn says that it is boring.  Bryn did add "maybe little kids would like it".  

I will let you know when I send it off, and I will also let you know if I get a response. 

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