Sunday, October 10, 2010

Do Swedish Fish, Juji Fruits, and Snickers make a balenced meal?

I've been a bit preoccupied lately, with writing, the demands of a new homeschooling year, and getting thing in order for my newest role as the commander's wife. So preoccupied, that I have let my domestic duties slide just a bit. I had not realized just how much just a bit was until earlier this week when the kids were complaining they were hungry. Not wanting to give up whatever task I was concentrating on at the time, I directed my self sufficient 11 and 10 year old into the kitchen to make themselves lunch. Here is the resulting shouting conversation being shouted up and down the stairwell.

10 year old: "Mommy, there isn't anything to eat!"

Me: "Of course there is, what every you pick make sure it is a balanced meal."

long pause

10 year old: "Mommy, does Swedish fish, Juji fruits, and mini Snickers bars make a balanced meal?"

Me: "What?!"

11 year old: "There is nothing to eat in the house except condiments, Daddy's beer, and Halloween candy. I figured since we are too young for alcohol, and maple syrup, ranch dressing, and ketchup doesn't sound very good for lunch, you would let us have Halloween candy. Is it balanced?"

Me: "Add a granola bar, and we'll call it good."

Domestic goddess, I am not.