Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

What I’m Reading: The Alchemistby Paolo Coelho 

What I'm Working On: A new version of HFB

OK, I have been MIA for a verrra, verra long time, but honestly I have not been inspired to write. About anything actually.  Yes, My life is crazy busy.  But seriously I think I could write for 5 minutes a day to keep this up. 

Today I am cutting and pasting a Valentine's horoscope for all those Taurus people out there.   I am very excited  about what it says, because it is an area of my life that I have felt very insecure about for quite a while.   Not great for someone who has been married almost 15 years.  So, here is a toast to all the Taurus people out there, let us all have a wonderfully romantic year! 

P.S.  We must give credit where credit is due.  This is from the Yahoo horoscope page.

Year 2009 Romantic

Success in your work life spills over to your romantic life. You are newly inspired as positive friendships develop and your loved ones express how feel about you. Their encouragement helps you feel more comfortable about expressing yourself romantically. Spontaneity can be challenging for you in romantic love, but your gifts are many and it's important for you to appreciate and love yourself so that it rubs off others and attracts the right person.

In recent years, you've been hesitant to trust your instincts when it comes to love, but that mindset doesn't serve you anymore. As you start surrendering to the notion of a one-on-one relationship, the right person will walk into your life. As you let the doors open on your romantic life, your home environment will become sunny and stable, and you'll find your personal relationships improving. By the end of the year, your romantic life will have taken on a whole new dimension. You will be singing with joy as you experience intense intimacy with your partner, leaving you content on an emotional level deeper than you've ever felt before.

Much of the transformation happening to you romantically this year is about discovering how to be comfortable in larger fields of social existence and belief systems. As you expand your personal beliefs, you are also learning to trust others and connect more with the creative energy blossoming between you and everyone you meet -- especially your lover!