Monday, May 7, 2007

Ice cream relieves the pain

Ahhh, late night blogging again! I have been absent for a few weeks due to, well, lets just say “Oh the Drama!”, but now it is simmering down. Presently I find myself, late at night, in front of my Mac. The house is quiet, and I have all my time to myself. No laundry, no kids, no nagging. The Night Jasmine is even in bloom and the Tradewinds are carrying it down from the mountains to my window. I think I love writing at night. Yes, I am tired and words do not flow as well, but it is peaceful, and I have no interruptions.

Do any of you writers out there suffer from lack of family support? Writing is becoming a dirty word in our household. It is partially my own fault. I agreed to be the stay at home Mom, I agreed not to work during our marriage, and I agreed to home-school our children. Yet, my stories are calling me and I can not ignore them any longer.

I think the major battle began when I decided I wanted to go to the Romance Writers of America Conference in Dallas. This has been the heartache and the headache of my household. It was begrudgingly agreed upon when there was the possibility of getting to meet with agents and editors. But now, being only 25K into my story almost a year later, it is obvious that if I was lucky enough to get a general membership appointment with someone, I would have nothing to show. There in lies the problem. I bite my tongue as the fury abounds and try to convince myself that I can be a stepford wife for as long as humanly possible to have the opportunity to go. For nothing else, I will get three days of vacation, and a chance to meet these great friends who have endeared themselves to me over the past year.

So, off I will go with my workshop list in hand, and hopefully I will comeback refreshed and rejuvenated with new skills to keep my story going. So many of the workshops look wonderful. I am having a hard time deciding between the career workshops versus the writing workshops. The writing workshops would be the most helpful in finishing my story, but the career workshops will help me to sell the story. It is dubious that I will have the opportunity to go again unless I actually sell a book. Which, honestly I do not care about. I want to write, if it sells great, if not ...well, I still will have written a book. Ah- so the goals of the week are: A. Transform into the Perfect Wife and B. Decide which workshops will be most beneficial. OR alternatively C. Go to the freezer and sneak some Breyers Chocolate ice cream now that everyone is in Bed.

mmmmmm, I will let you know how it goes.