Friday, December 10, 2010

A peek into one of the mundane aspects of military life

What I am reading: Sherry Thomas's Not Quite a Husband
What we are reading to the Kids:  Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
What I am working on: Re-write of His Father's Bride

From Rainy Germany.....

Life as a miliary wife brings quite a list of adventures, one of which is the PCS, or Permanant Change of Station. We move approximately every three years and this is usally a very exciting time for me, there are so many unknowns. What will our new house look like? What kinds of activities will be in the area? Who will we meet? What will we discover? I love the adventure of the move.

PCS time is different for everyone. My children are anxious and nervous about where they will live, what will happen to thier toys in transit, will they be able to make new friends? My hubby stresses about the new job, will he like it, will there be a big learning curve and what will his new coworkers be like?

Personally the initial waiting to learn where you are going is the hardest part for me.  Right now we are waiting to hear about a job that will begin in July.  The application was due last June.  The selection board for this job met in September and my hubby was one of 80 people selected to fill 35 slots.  The "matching time" to place candidates in slots is from 1 November to 30 January.  Sometime during these three months we will find out if he was placed in one of the 35 positions.  If not, we start looking to see what else is available for the next rotation.  Everyday he comes home and I want to say "Did you hear anything"., but I keep quiet, knowing he would tell me right away if he did hear something.  The waiting is agonizing.  Other jobs are coming and going and we sit biting our nails wondering if we should forget the dream job and find something else.

So, where do I want to go?  Well, where ever my sweetie will be happy.  But besides from that, anywhere outside the CONUS.  That is anywhere outside the continental United States for you non military folks.  I am up for any adventure out there...Iceland, Norway, Turkey, Egypt, Japan, Australia, Peru, name it, I am ready to go!  :o)

So, join the Air Force, see the world and go a little crazy waiting to see where you get to go.....where in the world will Cinderwriter be next year.....I can not tell you yet, but hopefully soon.