Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Cinderwriter is back! 'Ano 'ai ke aloha e!

Helehele mai kakou e

I wish you all were with me on this beautiful day in paradise.  I am lamenting my imminent departure from the land of Aloha. 

There will be claw marks left on the tarmac at Honolulu International Airport as they drag me kicking and screaming on to that plane in November.   Other than my grandparent's lake home in New Hampshire, there has been no other place on this earth that has let me feel at home.   Over the past six weeks I was able to immerse myself in all the old and new of this beautiful Island Nation of Hawai'i. 

Here are some shots from my recent trips to Hawai'i (the Big Island), Molokini, Lana'i, and Maui.  We will return to Maui and Lana'i, I hope as our trip was cut short due to a round of the flu.  Could have been from all the Vog from  Kilauea . 

Click on the Photos to see them without my blog's velum finish.  Photo #1 Honu on the black sand beach at Punalu'u. We snorkeled here in the thermoclimes.  It was so cold, and so hot! There were so many turtles you had to just hold still so you did not bump into them.  We called it turtle soup! #2. The latest lava flow and growing point of the island of Hawai'i.  #3. Annika standing at the edge of the Waipi'o Valley. #4 Annika and Bryn exploring an old lava tube that emptied out of the side of a cliff 80 feet above lava boulders! eek! #5 Ko'olina Cove Beach, back here on O'ahu.  More Photos to come.  And, of course a blog on writing!    


Macy O'Neal said...

Wow! The pictures are so beautiful. I know you'll miss it there, but just think a new adventure awaits you.

Jacqueline McDermott (Kimberly Wooten) said...

Thanks Macy! :o)