Sunday, April 27, 2008

I finally jumped in!

What I am reading:  My Sailing instruction Book for my Sailing class.
What I am working on: His Father's Bride

Well, It is official!    I have queried an agent with a query letter and full manuscript according to their guidelines.   This was for the my Children's picture book Grandma's Lake House.   I sent it out tonight, and I am so nervous.  I guess the waiting will be be worst part, waiting to see what happens.  

Next on  my goal list is the Golden Claddaugh Contest from Celtic Hearts online RWA chapter.  I joined this January and although I mostly lurk, I am enjoying the topics of conversation.   Lucily for me the Contest deadline was extened a week, so I am going to rewrite, as I hate the begining of my story.  I have three different beginnings actually, with three different personifications of my heroine.  #1  The nurturer who is facing the kind, #2 the waif who is seeking an annulment, #3 The crusader seeking justice.  #3 is my favorite, but it does not fit as well with my GMC. Goal, Motivation, Conflict.    I will keep you updated on where this goes.  

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