Thursday, January 24, 2008

Newest Clan member!

Wow!  Where did the past two weeks go to?  I certainly was not using the time for writing.  I have committed to blogging once a day, except Sunday)  on any of my three blogs. (This one, AOTP, and my Run Dirty Girl blog)  Since two are about writing, I really hope I do not run out of things to say!  If nothing else, they will be short.  Not that the two other people who read this blog would mind, but I need to keep with the spirit of "Brevity is the soul of wit".  Hmmm... it's not "Rambling is the soul of wit"?  

How about you?  Were you writing.  I finally came up with a weekly schedule for myself and I sat down to write today, but my computer desk was such a mess, I spent three hours cleaning it off instead of writing.  Damn.  Then I found my RWA renewal and that lead me to my RWA file which contained two flyers for on-line RWA memberships; Celtic Hearts and Hearts through History.  I contemplated joining one or the other over the past year.  Today I joined both.  So now I am a member of three chapters.   As the newest "Clan member"  I do not want to embarrass myself by never finishing HFB.   Well, I guess I better get back to writing before I become a on-line chapter stalker!  

Hopefully, I will have more news and profound insight later this week!
Yours Affectionately,


Macy O'Neal said...

You're officially doing the 15k in 30 days with me. You have no choice.

Post your daily world count here. It doesn't have to be perfect, or even good. Hell, it can be total crap, but you need to write 500 words a day (that's 2 pages.)

We can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Come on..... I want you to finish so you can go to RWA SanFran.

Jacqueline McDermott (Kimberly Wooten) said...

Sounds great. Are we starting today?