Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Next Five Adventures Between the Covers

What is on my bedside table to read? Well, that is an easier question than what is in my closet to read! There are over 300 books in my closet waiting to be read and 60 on my bookshelf. I have a mix of sub-genre and genre on the night-stand waiting for my attention.

1. I am currently reading The Reapers’ Song by Lauraine Snelling. This is the forth in the series of Books called the Red River of the North. They tale the tales of Norwegian Immigrants who came to tame the harsh prairies of the Dakota Territories. These stories have changed my life quite literally. I used to live in North Dakota and I was a tortured soul while I was there. I could not understand why the people lived and acted the way they did. As another Norwegian-American, I thought I would be welcomed with open arms into their community. This was hardly the case. The brutalities and hardships these people suffered was like no other in American history. I feel so much compassion for these people and I can see how they shaped the lives of their decendants. So, I read these award winning books of Ms. Snelling and my heart heals with every page. Plus the story lines are great, the characters are engaging and the history is not only accurate, but riveting and quite humbling. We are so spoiled today.....even those of us who still live on those brutal prairies.

2. Book #5 of the series Tender Mercies

3. Book #6 of the series Blessing in Disguise

4. Spirited Away by Cindy Miles. I picked this book up at the RWA convention and Ms. Miles signed it kindly. I have been drooling for the chance to read this book, as I have not read a ghost love story since they were popular in the 1980’s. In this book a knight and his men are murdered in 1292 and their souls are cursed to roam his estate for all of eternity. Enter the heroine: a 21st century archaeologist digging up the remains of his castle bailey. She thinks some one is watching her and calling her......Is she imagining it...we'll have to read and find out.

5. The Thrall’s Tale by Judith Lindbergh. I picked this up at Costco, where I snag many of my books. It looked fascinating! It is the story of a slave girl (Thrall) and her life as a settler in the inhospitable new colony of icelanders in Greenland. The back blurb says it appeals to readers of fantasy, romance, historical fiction, and literary fiction. This basically sums up my entire reading repertoire. Everything I love all in one book. Maybe I should have purchased it in hard cover!

Well, that is my reading list for the next couple of weeks. If you pick any of these up and read them yourself, just let me know I would love to learn what you think of them. Now, What is on your to be read pile?

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