Monday, February 18, 2008

Dreaming of Conference...can I fit it in?

What I am reading: Breaking Point by Susan Brockman
What I am working on:  New Contemporary 

I have waisted my writing hour this morning by day dreaming about RWA conference.  I desperately want to go this year, and I may get to go still, but this is a fast and furious six months I have ahead of me.   In about 10 days we will learn of my hubby's promotion status and then we have a few short weeks to research possible jobs, talk to the different commanders who are needing personnel, and get our assignment preference worksheet in to the chain of command.   After that....we wait.  Sometimes you are sent to a place or type of job you requested, sometimes you are not.  In June or July we should receive what is called a Rip Sheet, these are preliminary orders telling us where we may be going.  In late August or early September we will get our final orders with the actual assignment.  As soon as we have orders we can set up the movers and make arrangements to out-process from the base.  It is much more involved than just packing up to go.  The time from when you receive the orders until the Report No Later Date (the date the military member must sign in to the new job) can be the most stressful and most fun time for a military family.   

Now imagine squeezing into this timeline: a Memorial for my Grandfather in Florida,  two high school 20th reunions, time needed to prep my mother's lake house to be used as a rental,  and a 5 week visit from 7 members of my husband's family, and the RWA conference.  Whew!  Oh, and did I mention that other than the in-law visit, all of these activities are on the mainland?  Remember that I live  in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  Can I make 5 trips to the mainland in 4 months?  Plus my hubby wants to squeeze in trips to each of the Hawaiian Islands before we leave.  Oh My. 

OK, now I have waisted Friday's blog by rambling and whining.  It will all work out, I just need to figure out how to arrange the pieces of the puzzle.   BTW- In-laws arrive Tuesday.  Wish me luck.  A 5 day visit is fun, but 5 weeks?


P.S.  In case you are curious, our top choices for the move are: Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, and Australia.  (Greece, Turkey, England, and Spain are also high on the list.) 

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